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Rewiring kids, bug burgers and other top stories of the week

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They’re all from the United States and China. The world’s biggest tech

How digital technology is rewiring children.

Business needs them badly. The right regulations boost economies.

90% of fish stocks are used up. Why are we still subsidizing fishing?

Burgers from bugs and meatballs from mealworms. You may be eating insectssooner than you think.

The blockchain ‘trilemma’. Can they be accurate, decentralized and cost-effectiveall at the same time?

Arab women go digital. They found or lead 1 in 3 start-ups in the Arab world.

What products will come first in the AI revolution? Toasters, not androids.

Orchestrated addiction? The most popular video game on Earth.

Following sports makes us unhappy. Why we still do it.

Blame lenders, not borrowers. Why the last financial crisis really was different.

Source; 20 Jul 2018
Adrian MonckManaging Director, Head of Public and Social Engagement, World Economic Forum. weforum.org

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